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Monday Minute 8.24.2020

Dear Eagles, 

What a great beginning to our school year!  The students looked awesome in their new school outfits and sporting their fun face coverings.  There was a positive energy throughout our day here at school.  Lunches went well as we spread out in the cafeteria and gym.  We debriefed with teachers after school, and all agreed it had been a great start to our year.  Go Eagles!

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Virtual Back to School Night at Silver Mesa!

Are you ready to meet your teacher?!


Masked up, classrooms spaced out, and smiles (under the masks, of course!), we are ready for school!  We cannot wait to meet you on Monday.  

To listen to Ms. Fielding’s message and the PTA message: CLICK HERE 

To watch your teacher’s back to school night video, visit their website:  CLICK HERE

Contact Tracing, Isolation and Quarantines Only We Can Prevent Coronavirus, and Here’s How

Remember what Smokey Bear taught about preventing forest fires? The same imperative applies to COVID-19. 

“It may sound cliché. But only we can prevent coronavirus. We all have a role and it’s up to us, each one of us, to do our part,” says Canyons District’s Responsive Services Director BJ Weller. 

This fall, as classrooms bubble to life with the sounds of students going about the important business of learning, there are a uniform set of precautions schools will be taking to respond to suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19, Weller says. Through contact tracing, school nurses and administrators will support local health officials in sleuthing out possible exposures in an effort to break chains of transmission before they take hold. The District also will follow state guidelines for determining when to place a classroom or school on quarantine. 

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