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What is the SCC?

“The School Community Council (SCC) is comprised of parents, school employees, and the principal.  The Council has statutory responsibilities to develop the School Improvement and LAND Trust plans which are focused on increasing student achievement in our school and may include provisions for professional development.  Throughout the school year, the SCC reviews school data, identifies academic needs, sets measurable goals, establishes action steps to reach those goals, and evaluates success of the plans.  This gives parents and school employees opportunity to be involved in the decision making process at the local school level.

The SCC is responsible for determining how the LAND Trust funds are used in our school.  When Utah was granted Statehood, parcels of land were placed in a perpetual Trust with the children of Utah as beneficiaries.  Revenues from these lands go into the Permanent State School Fund. The dividends and interest of that fund are distributed annually to each public school in Utah. Click here to open last year’s final report.

Additionally the SCC serves as an advisory council to the school and district administration as well as the Canyons District Board of Education. In this role, an SCC fosters communication between the school and the community on local school issues.  The School Community Council is a vital partner in fulfilling the mission of Canyons School District: Every student will graduate college-and-career ready.  If you would like an opportunity to serve on the School Community Council, elections are held at the beginning of each school year.  Information is sent and communicated through the weekly Monday Minute.

2020-2021 LAND Trust Funds Received

2020-2021 TSSP Funds Received

2020-2021 Council Members

Please feel free to contact any member of the council with items you would like to have presented at the next meeting.  

Julie Fielding – Principal

Hollie Pettersson – Parent

Nanette Hosenfeld – Parent

Scott Poulsen – Chair

Jeremy Hodgson – Parent

Derek Peterson – Parent

Wes Novack – Parent

Amy Sandgren– Faculty

Lisa Coleman– Faculty

Mark Donnelly– Faculty

2020-2021 Meeting Schedule

October 6, 2020

November 4, 2020

January 6, 2021

February 3, 2021

March 3, 2021

April 7, 2021 

2020-2021 Minutes, Agendas, and Reports

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