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Monday Minute 4.11.22

Dear Parents,

I hope your spring break was wonderful!  We have seven weeks of school left this year and we are excited to finish strong. 


I want to give a huge shout out to our PTA for an amazing Literacy night the week before spring break.  There was a great turnout, and we had a wonderful time celebrating literacy Harry-Potter style.  Thank you to everyone who helped and supported this fun event!


Kindergarten Orientation

We are continuing with an online format for our kindergarten orientation this year.  It should be up and ready on our website next week.  I’ll put a link to it in next week’s Monday Minute.


March Eagles of the Month

Congratulations to all of our wonderful students who earned the honor of Eagle of the Month!

Crabtree AM: Blair Young

Crabtree PM: Liam Tolbert

Keller: Lennox Fowden


1st grade:

Milianta: Haruto Smith

Orosco: Jessie Orullian

Latoni: Ester Beus

Sanz: Isabelle Wright

Smith:  Forrest Jackson


 2nd grade:

Coleman: Troy Zobell

Guzman: Emily Carlin

Gallo: Kaj Jensen

Vincent: Mara Stoddard 


3rd grade:

Wilkinson: Gwen Durham

Kunzler: Siena Jensen

Christensen: Mia Youngblood

Trifilio: Autumn Emett


4th grade:

Baird/West: Tobin Allen

Arbeloa: Maverick Carlson

Brown: Emmy Bryner

Fowden: Patrick Egan


5th grade:

Deem: Cedar Anderson

Sandgren: Adelaide Baer

Perez: Patrick Whipple 

Nelson: Bridgely Wolfe

Hayes: Angel Orduno Beltran


Kindness Is Cool

Here are some more examples of kindness happening at our school these past couple of weeks.  We have the best students!

Waylon Jay, Remy Kramer and Kawika Alcivar (5th grade) – cleansing all the whiteboards in the classroom – Thank You!

Ryleigh Shiflett, Braxton Hansen, Scarlett Smith (5th grade) – passing out papers to classmates – Thank you

Brook Portiss (3rd grade) – gave money to a classmate for him to purchase something from Honeydukes

Bishop Fisher (2nd grade) – giving a classmate a marker so they didn’t have to lose a stamp

Ezra Maxfield (1st grade) – offering to deliver someone’s jacket to a classmate

Sylvie Lowder (Kindergarten) – letting everyone play at recess

Hashim Alfaham (4th grade) – helped pick up chairs without being asked

Chelsea Frees (4th grade) – helped pick up items that dropped off a cart


School Website:  https://silvermesa.canyonsdistrict.org/

Instagram:  silvermesa_eagles

Parent Volunteer application link:  https://volunteer.canyonsdistrict.org/volunteersystem/volunteer/

Lunch Menus:   https://canyonsdistrict.nutrislice.com/menu/silver-mesa/lunch/2022-04-01




PTA News

PTA General Board Meeting- April 12th at 12:30pm Q&A session

Please consider attending to learn more about PTA. (You do NOT need to be a PTA member to attend) We’ll have snacks 🙂 We will also be voting on some items and will need a Quorum. So, the more people the better!

Want to help with PTA next year, but don’t know where to get started or feeling over whelmed? Come to our Q&A session and get answers and direction! Virtual option available.

We need YOU!

How can your skills and talents support our students and school next year?

Take the survey here and see!

To learn more about positions click here

Become a PTA Member


Literacy Night

A sincere thank you for all the ways you came out to support Literacy Night!  It was so wonderful to have so many there assisting and attending classes, and supporting our food trucks. It was great to be back.  We are grateful for you!


Slytherin House earned the most points at Literacy night, and it was neck and neck between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor houses until the end.  Gryffindor house won by a mere 88 points.  Gryffindor:  7203, Hufflepuff 7115, Ravenclaw 5056 and Slytherin 6164.  Amazing work!  Top readers in each class, and outstanding Hogwarts scholars all received Honeydukes prizes for their efforts, as well as classes who participated the most in the sock collections. In all, Student Council counted 1027 pairs of socks donated–Wonderful!!!


Unfortunately, all good things come to an end (like Spring Break!) and we need to take down all of the Harry Potter decor.  We’ll be doing that this Thursday, April 14th, from 1:30-2:45pm.  

Sign up here to help!


Silver Mesa Musical Revue

Practice Tuesday/Thursday mornings at 7:00am-enter through cafeteria doors


The Kindness Project

For the month of April, the PTA will be running The Kindness Project. Similar to last year, we will have kindness activities at lunchtime in April and in our kindergarten classes. We’d love your help! You can sign up to volunteer for our lunchtime/kinder activities here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30E084DAAA72CA4FD0-thesilver1


Blood Drive– May 6th 11:30-3:30

Sign up here




Upcoming Dates

April 12th—PTA General Meeting; 12:30 pm; PTA room at Silver Mesa; In person or virtual option available:  Zoom link:   https://canyonsdistrict-org.zoom.us/j/82999368357?pwd=UlFKYTdZeE1jNXVtc2Y3RHZNTkI2Zz09

April 12th—Zupas Family Night; 4:00-9:00; Sandy location

April 14th—5th grade field trip to Biz Town

April 15th—2nd grade program for parents; 9:00 in the gym

April 21st—1st grade field trip to Gateway Museum

April 22nd—Remote Learning Day (Thursday, April 21st will be a regular day with dismissal at 2:55pm.)

April 26th—2nd grade field trip to the Museum of Curiosity

April 27th—Kindergarten field trip to the zoo

April 29th—4th grade program for parents; 9:00 in the gym

May 2nd-13th—End-of-Year RISE testing for 3rd-5th grades

May 3rd-4th– End-of-Year Acadience testing for grades k-5th

May 4th—SCC meeting; 7:15am; Zoom link:   https://canyonsdistrict-org.zoom.us/j/82999368357?pwd=UlFKYTdZeE1jNXVtc2Y3RHZNTkI2Zz09

May 5th—4th and 5th grades field trip to Hale Center Theater

May 6th—Blood Drive

May 10th—Classic Skating Night

May 20th—Last day for kindergarten students; individual appointments will be scheduled for KEEP testing the following week.

May 23rd—Field Day

May 25th—Dance Festival performance for parents; 8:45-9:15 am; bring your lawn or camp chair

May 26th—Last day of school; dismissal at 12:20 pm



Have a great day! 


Julie Fielding, Principal

Silver Mesa Elementary

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