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Dear Eagles,

Next week is Spring Break.  I hope you are able to get out and enjoy some good weather!  Congratulations to our Spelling Bee winners listed further down.  All of our spellers worded so hard.  Way to go!

Changes in Staffing for 2021-22      

We are excited to welcome a new kindergarten teacher to our school next fall.  Since we are adding an extended hours kindergarten class, we need a half-time teacher to teach one session of kindergarten.  Mrs. Keller will be teaching the extended hours session; Mrs. Crabtree will have a morning and afternoon session of kindergarten, and new-to-us teacher Bonnie Freedman will teach one other session of kindergarten.  She comes to us from Park Lane, and we’re excited to get to know her.

Kindness Is Cool

Here are some more examples of kindness happening at our school these past couple of weeks.  We have the best students!

Owen Linnell (kindergarten) – listening and participating in morning meeting

Matthew Kunzler (4th grade) – stopping to help me wipe down tables in the library

Ryker Luke, Miles Maxedon, Jackson Charlton & Emma Rigby (5th grade) – inviting and teaching another student the game they were playing

Aria Nelson (1st grade) – helping her classmate cut things during art class

Lilah Fellows (5th grade) – one of my students was having a hard time seeing her computer screen and Lilah kindly showed her how to enlarge the screen

Jacob Diaz (5th grade) – holding the door for classmates without being asked

Zeek Everton (2nd grade) – sharing his prize with his friends

Genevieve Wallace (kindergarten) – helping a friend when he tripped and spilled his school drawer

Colin Shoell (kindergarten) – helping Oliver feel comfortable on his first day at school

Aspen Arias (3rd grade) – invitar a los estudiantes sin grupos a trabajar con ella

Sienna Hickcox (3rd grade) – invitar a una companera a ser parte de su grupo


At Home Learning Tech Support

Or call:  (801) 826-5200


Instagram link:  silvermesa_eagles

School Website:


PTA News

Literacy Month

Tomorrow (TUESDAY) is the last day to turn in any reading minutes or optional literacy points.  The “Sweet 16” will be announced Tuesday afternoon, followed by the Elite 8, final 4 and champions on Wednesday.  All papers are available on our website.  

The Kindness Project – Volunteers Needed

For the month of April we are focusing on kindness at Silver Mesa. Each student will receive a “Kindness Checklist” next week with at-home activities they can do to focus on being kind in their home, at school, and in the community. They can turn their checklist in at the end of the month for a prize, possibly to give to someone else! We will also focus on kindness in the classroom with a reward system. We will also be doing a school-wide service project to collect supplies for All Purpose Kits for the Utah Refugee Connection (more info to come). 


Lastly, we need parent help for our weekly school-wide kindness projects at lunch! Every Thursday in April we will have a simple kindness project available for students to get involved with at lunch. We could use parent help in supervising these activities! 



Please contact Elise Caffee ( with any questions. 


Spelling Bee

Congratulations to all of our spellers who studied hard for the Spelling Bee.  

1st place:  Ethan Falk

2nd Place:  Johnny Sorenson

3rd place:  Gordon Young

Way to go!


One of the things that makes Silver Mesa so great is its volunteers!  We need your help filling the following positions in next year’s PTA board.   If this is something you can help with, please email  


Believe it or not, this job is actually pretty easy!  You learn the ropes as part of the PTA Executive board, with the intention that you take on the role of PTA President for the 2022-23 School Year.  Of course, the next year is a big job, but you have lots of support from amazing people!  We’re looking for friendly faces, organization/leadership skills, and a positive attitude to help our kids have a great experience at school! 


You will help organize the membership campaign, to get members to register for PTA at the beginning of the school year, and enter names into the PTA database for the year.  It is typically done at back-to-school night and during the first few weeks of school.


Plan the fall fundraiser with the help of the executive team, typically held in early September, where we raise money for the PTA yearly activities. 

Red Ribbon Week

Plan and execute activities during Red-Ribbon week, which is typically the last week of October.  Red Ribbon week is our annual pledge to “Say No to Drugs and Alcohol” and activities are centered around that theme.  


 Upcoming Dates

March:  Literacy Month!  PTA is planning several activities this month that will focus on Literacy.

April 5th-9th—Spring Break; no school

April—The Kindness Project;  look for more details as we focus on Kindness this month

April 16th—Online Kindergarten Orientation ready for access

May 3rd-14th—RISE testing for grades 3rd-5th


Here’s to another GREAT week!


Julie Fielding, Principal

Silver Mesa Elementary

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