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Monday Minute

Dear Parents,

Tomorrow night is our Literacy Night, and we are so excited!  It’s always a great event, and we appreciate the PTA and the many hands that make this event so successful.  We have a great community!


Sandy Art Show

During the month of February, several Silver Mesa students submitted artwork to the Sandy Art Show.  


Out of the hundreds of submissions, four of our students received rewards:

Jett Young 2nd grade – 2nd place

Libby Buswell 2nd grade 3rd place

Nevie Hosenfeld 4th grade Honorable Mention

Dylan Novack 5th grade 3rd place


The Art Show is currently taking place at the Shops at South Town.  The display is next to the Home Goods entrance.   Congrats to our awesome artists! 


Emergency Drill

We practiced an emergency drill today:  Carbon Dioxide leak with evacuation.  Every month we practice a drill so that we’ll be ready if there is a true emergency.  Next month we’ll practice an  Earthquake Drill.  


Kindness Is Cool

Here are some examples of kindness happening at our school these past couple of months.  We have the best students!

Azaylea Olsen (5th grade) – always being willing to help.  She is a rock star!

Claire Featherstone (5th grade) – being aware of other’s needs, sometime above her own

Henning Jensen (Kindergarten) – letting another student borrow his extra coat

Zack Lewis (2nd grade) – making sure everyone felt special and included

Rocky Burnside (2nd grade) – helping a fellow student with their shoe

Daris Zeljkovic (Kindergarten) – helping a friend with a math problem

Silas Smith (1st grade) – saying hello to his old Kindergarten teacher after school, almost everyday

Anderson Ortiz Cante (5th grade) – he gave up his swing for a friend

William Bodily (Kindergarten) – cleaning up all the erasers for me so I didn’t have to do it




Upcoming Dates

March 21st—Literacy Night; a not-to-be-missed event!  

March 24th—Spirit Day: Adult Day;  Dress up like an adult this day!

March 31st—5th Grade NOVA graduation program; 8:45 am

April 3rd-7th Spring Break

April 14th—Kindergarten Orientation


It’s a great day to be an eagle!  


Julie Fielding, Principal

Silver Mesa Elementary



Important Links:

School Website:  https://silvermesa.canyonsdistrict.org/ 

Instagram:  silvermesa_eagles

Parent Volunteer application: https://volunteer.canyonsdistrict.org/volunteersystem/#!/application/volunteer//

School Front Office:  (801) 826-9400



PTA Info


Instagram- silver_mesa_pta

Facebook- Silver Mesa PTA

Calendar- Click here 

Join our Silver Mesa PTA hereOne Voice for every Child!

                 Executive Board members still needed for 2023-2024 year!!! Click here for more info


Order your Spirit Wear. Now available in Spanish!!! Open until March 31stOrder Here


*-Literacy Night March 21st 5:00-8:00

    Literacy Night is Tomorrow!  Eeek!  We sure could use your help making the night run smoothly.  

A few considerations: 

1.Sign up your Silver Mesa Alumni to help for 1/2 hour or more.  This will be for wand help, point tallying, 

     Wizard’s Duel, Rita Skeeter, Potions, and other possibilities.  If you have a preference of class, 

      please write it in the comments.

2. Dads will have a lot of fun in Wizard’s Duel and Potions classes.  Where are our W.A.T.C.H. Dogs at?  

3. Book Fair is part of Literacy Night and is on a separate sign up.

4. Consider dressing up for the event!  It’s always fun to see Harry Potter characters roaming the 

      halls.  You just might get asked for a celebrity picture or two!


It really helps for us to have sign ups complete by Monday night and not waiting until the last minute, if possible.  That way we can email you directions so you have some sort of idea of what you’ll be doing before you arrive.  It gets busy fast and I can’t be available to every class to give directions in a timely manner.

Literacy Night Volunteers

Book Fair Volunteers (receive a $5 voucher for books at the book fair)

Thank you to all who have helped so far (that’s many of you–SOOO much appreciated) and all who plan to come Tuesday night, 5-8 pm.

Other info:

Food trucks and Book Fair will open at 5:00 pm (please come support our local vendors-Strippin Chicken, Maize Tacos, Smoke-a-Billy BBQ, Waffle Luv, Lollipuff Cotton Candy and Honeydukes) and all Literacy Classes open at 6pm.  

SAVE A HOUSE ELF!  and help the homeless! Student Council’s service project will come to a close Tuesday night after Literacy night is over.  Students earn points for the house for a one-time donation.  These can be turned into a box in the library near the cauldrons.


*-Book Fair– March 21st-23rd 

    Sign up to help out at the Book Fair! Each volunteer will receive $5 in Scholastic Cash they can   

    redeem at the fair. We hope to see you there! Volunteer Here





5th Grade information:

2023 5th Grade Maturation Program Schedule


Albion Middle, 2755 Newcastle Dr., Sandy

Wednesday, March 22 — Girls Program, 7-8 p.m. 

Thursday, March 23 — Boys Program, 7-8 p.m. 


Mt. Jordan Middle, 9351 Mountaineer Ln., Sandy

Monday, March 27 — Boys Program, 7-8 p.m. 

Tuesday, March 28 — Girls Program, 7-8 p.m. 


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