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Silver Mesa Elementary’s Plan for Reopening

Silver Mesa Elementary School Plan
July 23, 2020 (revised August 28, 2020)


Procedures to Mitigate the Risks


      Encourage students not to arrive before 8:00 (first bell rings at 8:15)

      Students will line up by class and grade level outside (lines will be spread out)

      Students will enter through grade level doors

      No playing on the playground before school starts


      Students will enter through the northeast cafeteria door

      Students will be assigned seating throughout the cafeteria

      Students will exit through the north door


      Desks will be arranged as far apart as possible to fit in the classroom space provided

      Students will be facing forward

      Teachers, staff, and students will wear face masks at all times when physical distancing is not possible

      Carpet time and/or small group time will be less than 15 minutes at a time


      Traffic flow will be established to stay on the right side of the hallway

      Signage will be installed to direct the flow

      Schedules will be staggered to reduce numbers of students in the hallways at the same


      Main bathroom door will be propped open

      Signage will be used to show where to stand while waiting in line

      Training and signage will be utilized to show proper hand-washing technique.

      Students will be encouraged to use the restroom at any time during the day and not just at recess time

      Water fountains will be closed off except for the bottle filler fountains.  Students will be provided water bottles to use while at school.


      Only one grade level will be in the lunchroom at one time to allow students to spread out

      We will utilize both gym and cafeteria space in order to spread out the tables

      Signage will be posted to show physical distancing while lining up

      Seats will be assigned by classrooms to support contact tracing

      There will be one door used for the entrance and another door for the exit.

Brain Boosters

      Students will go to Brain Boosters as a class rather than mixing up the students

      Playworks and Dance will be outside if weather permits; Technology and Library will push into classrooms

      No books will be checked out for the first few weeks, and library will provide media lessons or reading of stories in the classrooms


      Only one grade level will be on the playground at a time

      Students will wear face masks if they are not 6 feet apart

      Two students at a time will be allowed into the building to use the restroom

General Hygiene

      Teachers will train and consistently practice with students how to wash/sanitize hands, keep materials clean, how to walk to and from different areas, and how to stand and wait appropriately keeping 6 feet of physical distance

      Students will be provided with a face mask and lanyard to keep the mask from getting lost.  Students may bring their own face mask if they wish to.  Masks will need to be laundered regularly. 


      Every student will have a specific device assigned only to them

      There will be regular cleaning and wiping down of devices

Large Gatherings–Assemblies, Back to School Night, etc.

      There will be no large group activities  (This will be reassessed mid-year)

      Where possible, virtual activities will replace those events

      Back to School Night will be a pre-recorded link from teachers, staff, and PTA


      Volunteers will be limited at the start of the year as we adjust to new restrictions

      When volunteers are admitted, they will be required to have their temperature checked upon arrival and fill out a health checklist.  They will also need to fill out a form recording who they have been in contact with during their volunteer time.

Special Programs

      No before or after school programs except Orchestra will occur for now.  This will be reassessed at mid-year.  (Computer Lab math and reading practice)

      Dual immersion classrooms that switch halfway through the day will clean/wipe down desks and chairs as they switch classes


      Students will be spaced at least six feet apart

      The teacher and students will wear face masks


      There will be two separate areas to support students in the office–one for students who feel sick and one for students who have an injury.

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