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 Is your kid getting restless being stuck at home? Especially when you’re trying to get them to do schoolwork? Don’t forget kids need lots of breaks! Some kids will naturally gravitate outside to play, ride bikes, climb, and run around. Others will need a little more help to be active, especially this week since it’s supposed to be stormy outside. There are a lot of options you can do just within your home like yoga, dance parties, exercise videos, etc. I have attached a 2 week guide with an outline to help your kids get a jump start on their physical education!
    You can also join Playworks as they stream a live virtual recess through their Facebook page each weekday at 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, and 2:00 pm Mountain Time.

Fitness and Wellness Journal Download PDF Here


The Coronavirus pandemic is significantly changing day-to-day life for kids across the country and the world. We all need to adapt as the situation keeps unfolding.

With schools closed, families are looking for ways to keep their kids engaged, active, and having fun. And teachers are looking for support interacting with students virtually.

Playworks is here to help! We’re providing free video tutorials of games that follow CDC guidelines and can be played at home with little to no equipment. Families can also download a printable Play at Home Playbook that features these games.

You and your family can play along during a free virtual recess with Playworks live on Facebookthree times per day Monday-Friday. Watch what the experience feels like for children who play along.

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