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Volunteers are Welcome at Silver Mesa

Schools are a reflection of their community. We encourage parents and guardians to choose to become involved in the life of Silver Mesa Elementary School. You are crucial to the outstanding success of our program. It is through the efforts of parents and guardians that the educational program at Silver Mesa is greatly enriched. There are many opportunities for parents to join this dynamic community.


Volunteer Policy Statement

Volunteers at Silver Mesa Elementary are to have exemplary behavior,

thus, setting good examples to the students and staff.

  • Canyons School District has established procedures to adhere to a Utah law requiring districts to screen prospective volunteers. It is now required that volunteers apply annually to participate with students under the direction of the classroom teacher. That form is provided on the Canyons District’s Web site under the “Community” tab.  Volunteer registration for the coming school year will start July 1, 2012. All volunteers in schools, including members of the PTA and School Community Council, need to complete the form and submit on the Canyons District Web site.
  • In order to account for everyone in the building at all times, Canyons District Policy requires all volunteers (and visitors) to check in at the office, providing all information requested on the sign-in sheet.  Badges must be worn while in the building. Volunteer hours will be totaled and sent to the district office and Utah PTA.
    • In order to eliminate additional distractions for our students, toddlers, and infants should not be brought with you when you assist at school.  If your scheduled babysitter “falls through”, please phone the school so the teacher knows you will be unavailable that day.
    • The faculty workroom has dangerous and expensive equipment that is not meant for children. Please do not allow children to be in the workroom, even if accompanied by an adult.
    • We believe that titles show respect and are appropriate in a school setting. When in the presence of students, please address other adults by using the titles of Mr. and Mrs./Ms./Miss, even for parents and grandparents.
    • While volunteering at school, you might hear or see things that should not be shared with other parents or discussed in the presence of your (or any one’s) student. When working with students, you have a responsibility to keep things confidential. Please be sensitive to this issue.
    • Silver Mesa PTA and faculty recognize the tremendous efforts that our volunteers make to help our students achieve the highest levels of success. Thank you!

Parents in the Classroom

Many teachers ask for parent help in a variety of ways: work with small groups of children, share a part of your culture, or help with special projects or paperwork. Contact your child’s teacher if you are interested in helping out.

*Teachers run their classrooms very differently. Please do not be offended if your child’s teacher does not seek help from parents in his/her classroom.  Also, please respect the teacher in allowing him/her to run their class in his/her own way.

Room Representatives

Each class needs a room representative. There will be sign up sheets in each classroom during Back to School Night.  It is a great way to get to know the community, your child’s teacher, and to be involved with your child’s education. As a room parent, you will coordinate help from other parents in your child’s classroom. You are not expected to do everything yourself! Many Silver Mesa parents are eager to help with small jobs.

As a room representative, you will:

  • Communicate with your teacher and your classroom’s parents about needs that are specific to your child’s class, and be the liaison between the PTA and your classroom about important fundraising events and school activities.
  • Organize parent help from your class for special events, parties, and special classroom projects.
  • You will work under the direction of the classroom teacher for each event.
  • Any notes home much be approved through the Principal.

Silver Mesa PTA

We encourage all parents and grandparents to join the PTA. The $5 membership fee per person not only helps to fund our program; it also gives you voting rights regarding PTA matters (voting occurs at General PTA meetings which are 2-3 times/year.) Being a member of the PTA does not require any time commitments. However, we have many programs that simply need a few extra hands, which we would solicit through an e-mail volunteer list.

Silver Mesa PTA provides the following services: volunteer coordination and recognition, newsletter, teacher and staff birthday recognition, assemblies, field trips, teacher appreciation activities, student birthday recognition, reflections program, Box Tops collections, Book Fairs, Health information, Master Piece Art, Hearing and Vision Screening help, and more!

School Community Council

The School Community Council consists of elected parents or guardians of students who attend the school, elected school employees, and the school principal. All parents of students attending Silver Mesa Elementary are encouraged to participate. The council meets approximately once a month, and participates in the development of a school improvement plan designed to improve student achievement. If you would like to participate in the Silver Mesa School Community Council, please contact the main office.

Canyons Board of Education

Many important decisions that affect Silver Mesa are made at the district level. The Canyons Board of Education meets monthly and parents are encouraged to attend. Up to date information can be found at