Special Programs and Events

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Silver Mesa offers many special programs in order to meet the needs of all students.

After –school Programs

Silver Mesa participates in many after school programs that run through Canyons District Community Education.  These after school programs may include:  Science, Bricks For Kids Lego Club, Skiing, Tennis, and Golf.

Computer Lab

Silver Mesa has a fully equipped computer lab that students access with their teachers. We also have mobile computer labs for students to utilize in the classroom.  We have an Educational Technology Specialist in the building each week to train teachers to use technology in the classroom more effectively, and integrate technology throughout the day.

Our computer lab is open each day from 7:30-8:15 AM for students to practice their technology skills and also academics.

Extended Day Kindergarten

Silver Mesa offers an extended day for Kindergarten students who may need additional instruction in reading.  Trained instructional aides, under the direction of our Achievement Coach and Kindergarten teachers, provide this additional instruction.  Teachers determine the needs of the students based on observations and assessment information.  They will then contact parents of students for a special invitation to this reading intervention.

Library Media Center

Silver Mea has a fully staffed libraryStudents have the opportunity to use the Library with their class once a week, and may also make arrangements with their teachers to use the library during appropriate times throughout the week.

Math Intervention & Enrichment

Teachers will be monitoring student progress and needs in math.  Teachers discuss weekly best instructional practices to use with students who may be struggling or need something to challenge them.  


An orchestra program is offered at Silver Mesa Elementary for students in grades 3-5.  This program is supported by Canyons School District and is typically held in the morning.

Reading Intervention

Throughout the year, teachers assess students’ reading ability and progress. Based on these literacy assessments, teachers may determine that students will benefit from additional support. The reading intervention program offers supplementary, individual, and small group instruction in reading and early literacy for students needing additional instruction.

Special Education Services

Students who qualify for special education services have academic, physical, and/or emotional needs that require specialized learning programs. The special education staff works closely with parents and classroom teachers to identify, test, and develop programs to meet the individual needs of students. If you have concerns about your child’s progress, please speak with the classroom teacher.

Speech and Language Services

Our speech therapists provide services for all qualified students from preschool through sixth grade in the areas of articulation, language, voice, and fluency. If you feel your child may qualify for services, please contact the school.

Student Council

In third, fourth, and grades, students apply to serve on an active student council. These students are selected based on their ability to be responsible examples of what is expected of every student at Silver Mesa. The Student Council has the specific task of promoting school spirit and set an example of what it means to be an “Eagle”.

Dance Festival

At the end of May, all students will participate in the Silver Mesa Dance Festival.  Families will be invited to come to the outdoor event.  Bring your lawn or camp chairs and enjoy some fun dances!

Grade Level Programs

Every grade level does some type of program involving music that they present to the school and the parents.