School and District Policies and Guidelines

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The following policies and guidelines have been created to help students attain the highest level of academic success and to keep each child at Silver Mesa as safe as possible. Parents, please help your child by being an example and following all of the rules as outlined below.Attendance

School attendance is very important because every absence from school interferes with your child’s opportunity to learn. Once a student gets behind in classroom work, it gets harder and harder to get caught up. If there are circumstances prohibiting your child from attending school regularly, please contact the teacher and/or principal to discuss these concerns. To report an absence, please call the school office as soon as possible.

Attendance line: (801) 826-9400

For more information about attendance, please refer to the Elementary Attendance Policy located in the back of the handbook.

 Arrival – Safety 1st

Because there is limited supervision before school, please do not send or drop off your child early. Students should walk only on sidewalks and cross streets only at designated crosswalks.

For more information about Safe Arrival, please refer to the Silver Mesa Elementary Safe Walking Route located in the back of this handbook.

Arriving Late

Students are expected to arrive at school on time. Late arrivals slow down not only your student’s learning, but also interrupts the rest of the class and the teacher. If your student arrives after 8:20, he/she must check in at the office before going to class. After seven tardies, our attendance policy includes a note or letter from the office.

Emergency Contacts

The Student Registration Cards, now on line, must be accurately completed.  It is very important that teachers and staff have your current home, cell, and/or work phone numbers and at least two alternative emergency phone numbers of family, friends or neighbors who will take responsibility for your child if we cannot reach you. This information is confidential.

If you move or change contact information, please call the school to update emergency contact information.


Adults are setting lifelong examples for the children at Silver Mesa Elementary.  Sometimes we tend to take risks that could endanger our kids, especially if we are running behind schedule. Because so many of our students are dropped off in the morning, please allow for plenty of time to wait patiently in the drop off lane until your vehicle is safely stopped in the drop off zone.  Please allow enough time to have your students dropped off no later that 8:15.

For the safety and well being of all students, families and students are to adhere to the Silver Mesa Elementary Parking Lot and Loading/Unloading Procedures located in the back of this handbook.

Lost and Found

Please write your student’s name in ALL clothing and accessories with a permanent marker. We encourage students to be personally responsible for their possessions. Students should check the Lost and Found located in the Cafeteria for clothing and lunchboxes. Lost and found for small items (rings, watches, glasses, etc.) is in the office.

At regular intervals throughout the year, all unclaimed items are donated to charity. Notice will be posted on the Lost and Found rack and in the school newsletter.


If you anticipate a move to another school or district, please inform the school office as soon as possible so that we may assist with making the transition as smooth as possible for your child.

Phone Use

Students may use the phone during the school day with permission from their teacher.  Please make arrangements for afterschool plans before arriving at school each day.  Students will not be called out of class to take phone calls, nor will they be allowed to call after school except in case of emergency.

If students have a cell phone it must remain in their backpacks and should not be used without teacher permission between 8:15am-3:00pm.

School Day Appointments

If your child has an appointment during school hours, please sign him/her out in the office before leaving. For safety reasons, we will not release a child to anyone who has not been included on the student’s registration card. Unless the appointment takes the entire school day, students are expected to attend class before and after their appointment.


Family and community members are welcomed and encouraged to participate in school activities, but please arrange volunteer participation in advance. Remember, ALL volunteers must sign up through the district website,  For the safety of our students, ALL visitors must sign in at the office and wear a Visitors Badge. Unidentified visitors are not allowed on campus.