Parking Lot Rules

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Silver Mesa Elementary

Parking Lot and Loading/Unloading Procedures

 Adults are setting lifelong examples for the children at Silver Mesa Elementary.  Sometimes we tend to take risks that could endanger our kids, especially if we are running behind schedule.  For the safety and well being of all students, families and students are to adhere to the following:

  1. Students should not be walking in or through the parking lot (blacktop), unless accompanied by an adult. Students and parents must always use the crosswalks.
  2. All students, families and adults should follow the directions of the Crossing Guards, Student Safety Patrol, and Teachers.
  3. All students, families and adults should obey traffic signs.
  4. Speed should be no faster than 5 MPH.
  5. Refrain from using cell phones while in the school zone, especially while dropping off or picking up your children.
  6. In the pick-up and drop-off lane, drivers must remain in the car.  All students should enter or exit the vehicle at the curbside, in the unloading/loading zone.   Students should exit their cars on the passenger side only.
  7. If a child is not able to get out of the vehicle by themselves, the driver must park in a marked stall and walk the child through the crosswalk to the sidewalk.
  8. The Kindergarten play area is closed before and after school.
  9. Bicycles must be walked on school property at all times.
  10. Please pull forward as far as possible along the sidewalk, all the way up to sidewalk on the South end of the drop off lane.
  11. When waiting to pick up students after school, pull all the way up to the sidewalk. There should not be gaps between cars except for the south crosswalk near the front doors. Instruct students to look for you all the way along the pickup lane.
  12. Please make sure that your children are ready to exit the car before they come to the unloading area.  There should be no delay in exiting the vehicle once the car comes to a stop.
  13. Children are only allowed to enter/exit a vehicle along the marked/indicated loading zone.
  14. The area in front of the school is for pick up and drop off only during the hours of 8:00-8:30 and 2:45-3:15.  Cars should not be parked in this area during that time.
  15. Please refrain from idling in front of the school as much as possible.
  16. As there is no supervision on the playground before and after school, students should not be allowed to come early and stay late to play with their friends.  Students must go home immediately after school for their own safety.
  17. RIGHT turn only please when exiting the loading/unloading zone.