Code of Conduct

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Silver Mesa Elementary Code of Conduct

Our goals at Silver Mesa include ensuring that each child has a safe, positive and caring learning environment.The Code of Conduct is an important piece in meeting these goals.                                                                                                            

Parents and students please review and sign Code of Conduct together.

Student Responsibilities

Student Conduct

As part of our school community, our students are expected to be caring and respectful of themselves, of each other, and of their school and its property.

Please read the following section with your student and discuss the ideas and rules. It is very important to tell your student that YOU expect him/her to follow these rules!

Assembly Conduct

When we are in the activity room for an assembly or any other reason the following rules must be followed:

  • Show respect for the performers by watching and listening during the program and remaining quietly seated.
  • Show appreciation for a performer by applauding. Whistling, yelling, and/or booing are not appropriate.
  • Enter and exit the Activity Room quickly and quietly.


  • Regular attendance is the keystone to academic success.
  • Students should arrive on campus between 8:00-8:15 am.
  • The first bell rings at 8:15 am. School begins at 8:20 am.
  • For safety reasons, please do not send children to school early. Teachers are planning for the day and are not available to supervise students.
  • In inclement weather, doors will be open at 8:05 am.
  • Call the office (826-9400) to leave a message if your child will be absent.
  • You will be notified if your child is tardy seven times. Please help your child develop good arrival time habits early.
  • If your child will be out two or more days, the teacher and office should be notified.
  • Please help your child attend school regularly. Absences should be for sickness or emergencies.
  • Minimize early checkouts.

Bicycles/Skateboards/Rollerblades/Scooters/ etc.

The school will not assume responsibility for stolen or damaged bikes, scooters, balls, helmets, or other personal property. Students and parents must assume any risk of any item brought to school.

  • Do not bring a bike, scooter, or other personal item to school if you do not want to assume such a risk.
  • The school provides a bike rack; the bike/scooter owner must provide their own lock. Students should wear protective helmets.
  • Students must walk their bikes, scooters, rollerblades, or skateboard once he/she is on school grounds.
  • Students must be able to fold up their scooter and place it in a backpack or holder if they are taking it into the building, otherwise the scooter must be locked up on the bike rack.
  • Students who do not follow these rules may have their bicycle or scooter taken away from them and may loose the privilege of bringing such items to school.

Building Conduct

  • Students are expected to enter and leave the building walking quietly so others are not disturbed.
  • Everyone is expected to treat others as they want to be treated – using kind words and good manners.
  • Students are to use their grade level doors at the beginning and end of school.
  • Students may not leave the campus during school hours without permission.
  • Parents must check their child out through the office if needed during the school day.
  • Cell phones may not be used during school hours unless a teacher has given permission.
  • Gum, laser pointers, trading cards, and toys that distract are not allowed.

Each class develops their own class rules and expectations as well as rewards and consequences for following and breaking the rules. The spirit of this process is to encourage student participation, responsibility and ownership. Parents are asked to review the class rules with their child.

Cafeteria Conduct

Our cafeteria is a place for students to enjoy a meal with classmates while learning appropriate behavior for dining with others. While in the cafeteria students must obey the following rules:

  • Follow the direction of the supervisor/lunch aides at all times.
  • Talk in soft voices (no yelling or loud talking)
  • Food and milk cartons may not be taken out of the cafeteria.
  • Leave your place at the table and floor below clear of spills and garbage.
  • Due to many allergies, absolutely NO sharing of food of any kind.
  • A nut-free table is provided for those with severe nut allergies.

Discipline Procedures

A problem solving approach will be used with discipline problems. The following steps will be used with most problems.

  1. First Offense: Discuss the problem with the classroom teacher and use a problem solving approach to solve the situation. Student may be sent to another classroom for a think time.
  2. Second Offense: Discuss the problem with the principal and use a problem solving approach to solve the problem. The student will fill out a Think Sheet.
  3. Third Offense: Call the parents and discuss the situation so that a solution is found to correct the problem. A Parent Conference with the teacher and/or principal may occur.

With serious offenses, parents will be contacted on the first and second offense so as to keep communications open and to reach a quick resolution. Students may be suspended until a recommended solution is reached.  Necessary discipline decisions will be up to the discretion of the teacher and principal.

Dress Code

Canyons District has adopted a code for dress that is designed to assist in the creation of a proper learning environment.

  1. Items that disrupt the educational mission shall not be allowed. Personal items such as clothing, paraphernalia, jewelry, backpacks, fanny packs, gym bags, water bottles, etc. shall be free of writing, pictures, or any other insignias, which are crude, vulgar, profane, violent, or sexually suggestive.
  2. Items with advertisements, promotions and likeness of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs or which are contrary to the educational mission, shall not be allowed.
  3. All students shall maintain their hair, in a clean, well-groomed manner. Hair which is so conspicuous, extreme, odd in color or style that it draws undue attention, disrupts, or tends to disrupt, interfere with or pose a health or safety issue to the learning atmosphere at the school, shall not be allowed.
  4. All students shall wear clean clothing. Clothing, jewelry, accessories and piercings which are conspicuous, extreme, or odd that they may draw undue attention, disrupt, or tend to disrupt, interfere with or pose a health or safety issue to the learning atmosphere at the school, shall not be allowed.
  5. Students shall not wear clothes that are mutilated, cut off, or immodest, e.g., short shorts, mini skirts, bare midriffs, halter-tops, spaghetti straps, tank shirts, or similar clothing. Clothing shall cover the midriff, underwear, backs and cleavage at all times. Skirts, dresses and shorts must be at least mid-thigh length or longer when seated.
  6. Jackets or clothing with insignias representing any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces or insignias that do not reflect the dignity of learning, modesty, and the principles of education are not to be worn.
  7. Hats of any kind are not allowed within the building except as part of an approved activity, or for religious or medical purposes.
  8. School officials may require students to wear certain types of clothing for health or safety reasons in connection with certain specialized activities.
  9. Gang-related clothing, colors, and paraphernalia shall not be allowed in schools or activities. School officials will determine what constitutes “gang” clothing, colors, and paraphernalia after consulting law enforcement agencies as needed.

10. Shoes shall be worn at all times that insure personal safety and hygiene.

Playground Conduct

SAFETY FIRST! Playground rules are designed to keep students safe and contribute to the enjoyment of the playground for all students.

  • All students will be allowed to participate in organized games. Games may not be “locked”.
  • Students will treat supervising adults with respect and follow their directions.
  • Contact games which include tackling, chasing, shoving or pushing, are not permitted.
  • All playground equipment must be used properly.
  • Students may not leave the school grounds to retrieve playground equipment or for any other reason.
  • Fighting and throwing snowballs will not be tolerated. Students who engage in either of these behaviors may have their parents contacted and may face suspension.
  • Skateboards, roller blades, etc. may not be used on the playground at any time.

Violations of these rules may result in the loss of recess on the playground.                                

*Parents who wish to observe the playground must first check in at the office.

Restroom Conduct

  • Each student is expected to show good judgment and proper behavior when using the restroom.
  • There will be no writing on walls or bathroom stalls.
  • Cleanliness and good health habits are to be expected.
  • The toilet should always be flushed.
  • Students should wash their hands and leave the restroom clean.

Safety Before and After School

  • Enter and exit through grade level doors only.
  • Use sidewalks and crosswalks- No shortcuts.
  • Stop, look, and listen before crossing or entering parking lots.
  • Remember, it takes much longer for cars to stop than people.
  • Follow parking lot procedures as a pedestrian and passenger.
  • Going to and from school, students are required to stay on sidewalks and off of private property.
  • After dismissal, students should leave school immediately and begin walking home.
  • Students may not stay and play after school, as there is no supervision.

Severe Behavior Policy

  • Dangerous behavior/fighting may result in suspension or exclusion.
  • Persistent behavior problems may result in suspension or exclusion.
  • Please read Canyons District Policy: Discipline of Students carefully. Behavior that puts other students in danger will not be tolerated.
  • The Principal will handle and make decisions on each case with discretion.