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Multiple assessments throughout the year help teachers to modify and adjust instruction in order to meet the needs of each individual student. Besides constant observations and formative assessments performed by each teacher, the following are district/state-required assessments given periodically throughout the year.


DIBELS tests fluency (the pace a student can read with ease).  ***All students are assessed three times throughout the year, fall, winter, spring.

SRI- (Grade 5) The Scholastic Reading Inventory is a computerized reading assessment tool that assesses student reading levels and monitors student progress. Students read a variety of passages and answer questions to demonstrate comprehension skills. Teachers use these results as an additional point of data to assure that students are accurately assessed.

Pearson Envision Assessments

Each student in grades 1-5 is tested at the end of each unit. Subsequent benchmark testing is given to all students.


MCOMP indicates accuracy and fluency in mathematical computation.

Teachers assess students regularly in order to inform instruction and meet individual student needs.

Common Formative Assessments and Topic Tests are given to all students in grades 1-5 from Envision Math.

Standardized Tests

SAGE (Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence) standardized test is a test administered in the spring for all students in grades 3-5 in ELA and Math, and 4th and 5th grade students in Science. SAGE is scored in a consistent manner in order to eliminate unexpected variables. These scores can then be compared accurately with other populations across the state, and throughout the nation.  PLEASE ARRANGE YOUR VACATIONS AROUND THESE TIMES so students will be able to complete these tests. This year, the SAGE testing window is May 8-June 2.
For more information on the SAGE test, go to There you can see sample questions and get explanations.